Press Meeting



Describe yourself in
five words or less.

Inspired by healing foods, creative  movement and a bio-diverse life and work style.

How is your personality reflected in your home?
Organic chef’s garden, community-style kitchen and home full of inspiring books
green gadgets and colorful artisan pieces.


What makes home for you?
Still, silent and space for me and my family to unfold peacefully.


What's your favorite room to design?
The green eco-kitchen and office.

What efforts are you
making to be more green?
Searching for new land to make a small
mixed-use home for living, sustainable
food and other artisans team that is easy for people and clients to reach in Jordan.

Best purchases?
See-through glass fridge – less opened.

Last purchase for your home?
An adapted electric chopper mixer.

What is your favorite item you’ve
designed for Jordan?
Raw local organic Jordanian single flavor date truffles
for its in-house catering and shop fridge under management consideration.


What is your most precious possession? My bio-diverse head, heart and handmade imagination.

What is your current state of mind?
Networking eco-preneurs around food, textiles and building
materials in Jordan and the Middle East.

Complete this sentence:
A house can never have too many
... Loving friends.

Your top tips for creating a functional and stylish home
Put pictures, text and numbers on all the walls
for all your needs until the final design blends
with your dreams.

What's your favorite online shopping site?
Amazon for books and crowd sourcing sites for ideas.

What trends do you predict for
the next season?
Products and services where color, texture and design really meet people’s human scale needs.

Favorite shops?
IKEA, Fan Wa Chai, Seed, Namliya, www.

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